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Sell Benefits, Not features!

Take a look at your competition and their advertising! Is it obvious that they know their target audience? Are they using clear, audience-specific messages?

Quite often people make the mistake of selling the features of their product and not the benefits. With the strong competitive market that exists out there, and the ease of researching products and best prices online, people will compare and find that best deal.

This is why selling the benefits and not the features become increasingly more important!

Display the difference between a benefit and a feature. A feature is something that a product or service "is" or "does". A benefit is something that the product or service "means" to the customer, it speaks to their values and personal needs.

For example, a dealer who sells car could say, "This car has a reinforced safety roof". This is a characteristic – the feature; it “is” about the vehicle. On the other hand he could say, "This car protects your family." This is an advantage and something that has value and benefits to the consumer and his personal needs.

Another example is the sweet potato. I could say buy this beautiful orange sweet potato, it has a very good size and it’s super sweet. These are all features, it’s all-good. But what if I sell the benefits of the sweet potato: buy this sweet potato because it’s highly nutritive, it improves vision, it fights cancer, it improves brain health and it helps immunity! Well now you are talking to the persons values and showcasing benefits!

See the difference!

Need help in selling the benefits and not the features, contact us and we will guide you in the right direction!

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