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How's that online presence of yours?

What do potential customers as well as your current customers think about your online presence?

Talking with business owners, we often hear people talk about their marketing and tell us “Well I’m working on all 4 “P”s of marketing” Product – Price – Place & Promotion.

That’s all great, and all needed!

You certainly need a good product or service, reasonable and competitive pricing, a decent place, which could also be an online store and you certainly need promotion!

However, then we hear them tell us: “I’m doing all of that, and yet I’m having trouble retaining my customers, or getting new customers”.


Have you considered working on your 5th “P”?!

What 5th “P”!

Well you know, you could have the best price in town with a high quality product and spend thousands of dollars on promotion, but if your People skills and professionalism is awful, customers walk away!

Yes that’s true, the 5th P is all about your people skills and your professionalism. The way you appear to potential clients, and to your current clients!

So quite often the 5th P is called People, while as others call it Professionalism. Either way you want to call it, it’s all about how you interact with your customers and potential customers!

Certainly, I could go into detail on various methods of Professionalism, but what I really want to emphasize is the way you interact with people in your online presence!

Do you engage with your followers?

Do you give them reasons to talk positive about your business?

Do you have professional or branding appropriate to your business?

Do you share videos, images, tips and more?

Do you have a marketing strategy?

Having the right online presence is about interacting with your customers and followers, giving them something to talk about, making them feel comfortable enough to interact with you – be approachable!

By interacting with followers, and showing them that it’s more than just selling a product, that it’s about their needs, you will increase your professionalism! You really have to take a step back and look at how your potential customers and current customers will view your online presence!

And don’t forget, having an adequate image & branding also boosts your professionalism! ;)

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